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    The National Eucharistic Revival
    Please visit our Eucharist Revival page for more information by clicking HERE.

    Attention New Parishioners and Existing!
      To UPDATE your contact information or, if you are a new parishioner looking to signup, Visit our 'I'M New' tab above and fill out the Online form or click the link to print a manual form, which you can fill out and bring to the parish office.

    Baptism: To register, contact Rosanne Smith at (207) 985-6252 or
    [email protected].

    Reconciliation: Saturdays, 3-3:30 PM, at St Martha & St. Mary Churches (appointments may also be made by calling the office of either church).

    Matrimony: Pastor must be contacted six months prior to the desired wedding date.

    Sacrament of the Sick: Call at any time. If you know that you will be admitted to the hospital, please call the office to make arrangements to receive the sacrament. Also, please notify the office if you’re aware of a parishioner being hospitalized.
    For more information,
    please call 207-646-5605 or 207-985-6252.



    Parish Mission, Vision, and Values

    MISSION: We inspire, serve, and support people to be true followers of Jesus Christ. 

    VISION: Holy Spirit Parish is a welcoming, unified, and vibrant Christ-centered Catholic community. 

    UNITY: Our parish is one body in Christ.
    FAITH: We nurture the seeds of faith that we received in Baptism. 
    LOVE: We are warm and loving; Christ-like. We care, give, and share. 
    ENGAGEMENT: Every parishioner finds opportunities to be engaged in the life of the parish. 
    INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY: We seek unique solutions for the challenges that face us. We are not limited by what we've done before.

    Check out our BULLETIN for more of what is happening in our Parish and Diocese, and the Resources page for helpful online Catholic resources!

  • Learn more at: www.40daysforlife.com/greenland
    Holy Spirit Parish Mission Statement
       Holy Spirit Parish is a welcoming and caring Roman Catholic community. It is grounded in Eucharistic faith and enthusiastically lives and embraces the values modeled by Jesus Christ. As a community of believers, Holy Spirit Parish is committed to:
    • Ongoing faith formation
    • Life-long spiritual growth
    • Nurturing and sharing our gifts for the common good

     In addition to your regular
     weekly offering, you may

    donate to special collections through eCatholic.

    How to create an eCatholic
    donation account:
    1. Visit holyspiritme.org/online-giving and click Give Online.
    2. Enter your recurring donation amount.
    3. Using the drop-down menu under “Ways to Give”, choose the collection to which you'd like to donate (Offertory and/or Second Collection).
    4. Set the gift type to recurring and choose the frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).
    5. Complete the billing information using a current e-mail address and credit or debit card, or checking account information.

    Reminder: For those who still have a “WeShare” account, please cancel that account to avoid duplicate deductions.

    Thank you!

    Here’s Help!
    A Women’s Resource Center
    1250 Forest Avenue
    Portland, ME (207) 253-5555 or 1-800-712-
    HELP (4357) or text (207) 200-5746

    Adoption Solutions of Main
    253 Main Street
    Yarmouth, ME (207) 400-6803

    6B Washington St. Suite 100
    Sanford, ME (207) 324-5752

    “And Then There Were None”
    Ministry for Workers in the Abortion Industry

    Mother Seton House
    Fryeburg, ME (207) 935-1066 (for those who
    need a place to stay)

    National Hotline for Abortion Recovery
    Project Rachel
    510 Ocean Avenue
    Portland, ME (207) 774-2420 (confidential)

    Rachel’s Vineyard (877) HOPE-4-ME
    (207) 467-3463

    REGRET taking the Abortion Pill?
    (RU-486) Call (877) 558-3333